Welcome to the Writing Path Workshops

What happens to us as we write?  What benefits come from reflective writing?  How can writing help us through life’s challenges?   We are all on the journey to knowing and becoming ourselves. As we take the inward path, we continually make discoveries about ourselves and the world around us.  Journal writing is a powerful tool to assist you in that journey.


imagesX7F7GYUBThe Writing Path  is a guided writing program for self-exploration.  The workshops provide a creative outlet that can lead to greater self-awareness and the ability to process and articulate emotions and feelings. In these workshops, you will discover fun, innovative, and simple writing techniques designed to encourage deeper self-awareness and creativity. Several journal techniques from the Center of Journal Therapy will be explored.

R. Rose Simon serves as an expressive arts facilitator of the creative process, not as a therapist.  Although the Writing Path process can be therapeutic, it should not be considered as therapy.  There is no interpretation or diagnosis involved. Participants are in charge of their own inner exploration.  The Writing Path curriculum can be used in conjunction with traditional expressive arts therapies.

The  Writing Path Workshops  are offered in Montana and Washington states.  If you see a workshop that you are interested in,  or are looking for a specific subject for a presentation or group, please leave a reply on the website and you will be contacted.

Thank you!