Visual Journaling: Revealing and Illustrating the Self through Images

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“If  You Can Dream it,You Can Do It.”

Art transports us from the ordinary realm of the familiar to the the playground of the imagination.  The boundaries between the seen and unseen are blurred and we connect with unconscious material: symbols, colors, primal patterns, metaphors and archetypal representations which exist deep in our psyche.

The Workshop

Using a variety of visualization exercises (thinking in images), you will learn to access and express your thoughts, feelings and dreams with images through the process of collage making and then explore their meanings through journal writing.

Exercises include:

  • Visioning Techniques
  • Developing a Focus Phrase
  • Collage Activities (Dream Mapping, affirmation cards, Mandala Drawing)
  • Writing with Both Sides of Your Brain
  • Inventory of Choices
  • Reinforcing the Dream
  • Affirmations

This workshop can be presented in a four week format, half-day or one day intensive. To schedule this workshop or presentation for your organization or group, please reply below.


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