R. Rose Simon, M.A. is an expressive arts workshop facilitator and certified journal Instructor from the Center of Journal Therapy. She received her Masters of Art in Interdisciplinary Arts and Education from the University of Montana with an emphasis on the theory of multiple intelligences and integrated learning in teaching and curriculum planning.

Rose has been an instructor for the Center of Journal Therapy in Colorado  since 1999.  She is certified to teach The Journal to the Self®, written and developed by Kay Adams, LPC, RPT, leading theorist in the field of journal therapy , founder of the Center of Journal Therapy and former president of the National  Association for Poetry Therapy.

Rose has spent the last eight years working  intensively with a stroke survivor helping her to improve her cognitive skills through writing, art, music and other healing modalities.  Rose has developed hundreds of lesson plans  focusing on cognitive recovery through the expressive arts.. Many will be featured in her upcoming book, Curriculum For the Mind© in which she presents her interdisciplinary program for cognitive recovery  after brain injury.

Rose is a member of two national organizations that promote storytelling as a healing art: the National Storytelling Network and the Healing Story organization. Her particular areas of focus are  elder stories, stories by stroke survivors and brain injury survivors as well as facilitating writing  workshops for women’s cancer groups.

Rose has presented workshops promoting the healing arts at a variety of venues, including: wellness centers,  correctional facilities, retreat centers, and educational organizations. She has been a guest speaker at the University of Montana Creative Pulse Department, United Way Super Conference, Camp-Make-A- Dream, and an instructor for Elderhostel. She has taught at Flathead Community College  in Montana and Peninsula Community in Washington.  She specializes in small groups and individual sessions.

Please contact her for presentations and workshops both in Montana and Washington.


3 Responses to Facilitator/Coach

  1. Jim Tree says:

    Very nice site Rose. Easy to negotiate and very user friendly. Nice photo also! 😉
    Blessings, Jim

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  3. Bob Zimorino says:

    Excellent website. Easy to navigate and great pictures and information.

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